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Long to Belong?

Would you like a deeper sense of community for your group?

Want to find a way to refresh/inspire your group and others?

Would you like to show your group some appreciation?

Tired of trying to find an innovative activity that everyone will enjoy?

Puzzling and connecting : )
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An Art Collaboration

  • A hands-on project inspires renewed creativity.

  • A low-risk team building activity makes connecting less intimidating.

  • Solving a puzzle together sparks friendships and a greater sense of belonging.

  • The worries of the day melt away and everyones' stress levels decrease.

  • Connect and Color™ is an innovative fundraising tool on a couple levels and can be fully customized.

  • The final Art Collaboration can be printed and shared to inspire everyone involved. 


There are two ways to enjoy Connect and Color™.
Do you want to host the event or do you want to enjoy
the event with your group?

Hosted Events

Connect and Color™ Kits

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