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Color Art that TRANSFORMS!

  • An innovative team-building event which allows you to engage at your comfort level.

  • A unique mindfulness activity to help decrease anxiety and stress.

  • Increase a sense of belonging with the coloring and the puzzle-solving.

  • Order Keepsakes and Digital Art as a memento of your cherished time together.

How It Works

Coloring during a Connect and Color event

Relax and Color

Sit side-by-side while coloring your own custom puzzle piece. It's a relaxing way to connect with others and unleash your creativity at the same time.

Team building puzzle solve

Solve the Puzzle

When the coloring is completed, teamwork solves the puzzle and reveals a surprise, inspirational Masterpiece!

Custom Keepsakes that are great for giveaways and fundraisers

Share your Masterpiece

When your puzzle is solved we create Digital Art and Keepsakes that can be given as a gift of your special time together. 

Ready to Color?

Ready to Color?

Answer the following questions to better understand how we can serve you. If you still have questions, please contact us directly. We are happy to help!


How many people will participate?

12-24 people: Connect and Color™ 12 or 24 pc. kit(s)

24-36 people: Combination of Connect and Color™ 12 or 24 pc. kit(s)

36-42 people: Connect and Color™ 42 pc. kit or combination of kits

More than 42: Custom kit or combination of kits shown above.

Note: We have found it is better to have a few extra coloring pages, rather than not enough. Extra pages always get colored.


Would you like us to host the event for you?

We host events for all size groups, the larger the better! Do you have a special theme you would like to incorporate? Perfect! That is one of our specialties. We can fully customize your event to make memories that will last.

A finished custom coloring page


Choose a theme.

When you are ready to select your kit in the Shop page, you can choose which theme you would like to use. They are shown in the images section of each kit.


Share your Masterpiece!

Keepsakes: Print the finished Masterpiece and share as a memento of your special time together!

Digital Art only: We email you the digital version of the Masterpiece.

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