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Color Art that TRANSFORMS!

  • Are you looking for an excuse to (re)connect with friends, family, co-workers and community?

  • Have you been in search of an event that is calming and inspires healthy alternatives to dealing with stress?

  • Would you like increased attendance because everyone can participate at their own comfort level? No special skills required and it's not a physical activity which not everyone can do?

  • What about if you could customize your Connect and Color® for a special occasion?

How It Works

Coloring during a Connect and Color event

Relax and Color

Sit side-by-side while coloring your own custom puzzle piece. It's a relaxing way to connect with others and unleash your creativity at the same time.

Team building puzzle solve

Solve the Puzzle

When the coloring is completed, teamwork solves the puzzle and reveals a surprise, inspirational Masterpiece!

Custom Keepsakes that are great for giveaways and fundraisers

Share your Masterpiece

When your puzzle is solved we create Digital Art and Keepsakes to give as a memento of your special time together. 

Two Ways to Enjoy!

ONE: Purchase a Kit

Standard Kits are available in a variety of sizes and themes. Choose a kit that best fits your group's needs.

Ideas for Use:

  • Family Night

  • Girls Night Out

  • Family Reunion

  • Date Night

  • Summer Break Activity

  • Play Group Event

  • Multi-Generational Activity

  • Mindfulness Activity

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Special Events/Occasions

While standard kits work well for almost any occasion, we also create custom designs for special events like:

  • Wedding showers

  • Baby Showers

  • Family Reunions

  • Birthday Parties

TWO: Hosted Event

We host events for all size groups, the larger the better! Would you like a custom design for your special event? Perfect! We fully customize your event to make memories that will last.

Ideas for Use:

  • Low Stress Team Building Event

  • Fundraising Event

  • Church Group

  • Teen Group

  • After School Activity

  • Anti-bullying Event

  • Scout Activity

  • Family Reunion

  • Staff Development Day

  • Summer Camps

  • Client Appreciation Events

  • Company Social Hours


We are all about being in-person, but there are times for hosting an event virtually so that you can include people who do not live nearby. We host both so that NO ONE is left out!

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The Details

How many people will participate?

1-12 people: Connect and Color® 12 kit

12-24 people: Connect and Color® 12 or 24 pc. kit(s)

24-36 people: Combination of Connect and Color® 12 or 24 pc. kit(s)

36-42 people: Connect and Color™ 42 pc. kit or combination of kits

More than 42: Custom kit or combination of kits shown above.

Note: We have found it is better to have a few extra coloring pages, rather than not enough. Extra pages always get colored.

Standard and Custom Themes

We have standard themes to choose from on the SHOP page. When you click on a kit you will see the theme options in the images of the kit. Don't forget we can personalize a design for your special occasion.

It's all about sharing!

When your Connect and Color® is finished, there is nothing like seeing it as Digital Art. Don't forget to add Digital Art to your shopping cart (just be sure you choose the correct one based on your kit size).

Print your finished Connect and Color® as Keepsakes and share with your group as a memento of your special time together!

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