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Seeds of Faith and Hope

Connect and Color is an intergenerational event that increases teen attendance at church providing them with an innovative community service opportunity. Senior citizens are invited, giving them another opportunity to socialize. As if that wasn’t enough, an art collaboration is created that can be shared in a multitude of ways to inspire all!


In the first three weeks, each teen is paired up with a senior. While everyone is coloring their own custom page, they are being guided through a meditation to help them relax. A discussion follows to engage the pairs further and give them an opportunity to learn a little more about each other. The fourth week the coloring pages turn into puzzle pieces and everyone works like a team to solve the puzzle. A surprised inspirational Bible verse is revealed that pertains to the topics discussed during the first three weeks. 


The final art collaboration can be printed and displayed in the church/school, used for fundraising purposes, or even possibly projected onto an interior/exterior surface for greater impact.

Let’s Collab!

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Palatine, IL 60078-0326


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